Katrina Bodey

Dissolution, 2023

36.5 cm
I find beauty in detail and frequently lose myself in the interplay of light, colour, pattern, texture and form. The tactile nature of clay influences my interpretation of a subject; bringing its own life into play. ‘Dissolution’ speaks to the turmoil and angst evident in the body during the pain of separation. The figure is divided in two by the smooth, sensual feel of paper clay with the heavier, abrasive texture of raku clay. My artworks are created through an intuitive and reflective process. They evolve as I work, allowing the relationship with materials to resolve as they connect with my thoughts and feelings.

Blue Mountains artist, Katrina Bodey, uses the relationship of materials and their tactile nature to create works that evolve intuitively. Utilising a variety of medium such as printmaking, ceramics and drawing, her pieces draw upon life experiences and immediate surroundings. Katrina is currently studying visual arts at TAFE.

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