Tess McAuslan-King

Dirt Basket, 2021

23 cm
Dirt Basket is part of an ongoing series of works that uses the vessel as a reference point for the construction of sculptural combinations. I have used elements of craft-based objects from within my own personal collection as elements to explore the evocative nature of domestic clutter and the decorative arts. I respond to my tendency to collect and arrange sentimental objects as a way of building these sculptural works. By reducing the intimacy garnered from small household items into a larger, more cumbersome form this work considers how value is attributed to objects based on their idle nature. Layers of glaze, enamels and metallic lustres are used to achieve a chaotic surface, somewhat at odds with the usual use of these decorative elements. The ‘surface mess’ is another reminder that humans tend to categorise objects based not only upon their use but also via the material applications engaged in their making.
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