Lizzy Rich

Descend, 2021

80 × 95 cm
Predominantly painting with acrylic on board and canvas, Rich also draws on her ceramic and sculptural training to inform her work. Utilising the tension between abstraction and figurative subject matter, Rich attempts to synthesise her unique perspectives on experience and convey something that the viewer can connect with.

Messy, energetic gestures and scratching’s are laden with darker undertones, where materiality and expression converge to tell an abstract story of memory and imagination.

‘I employ an intuitive approach to painting, adding layers, covering and revealing little stories within a larger narrative. Using mark making as a language; colour, texture and surface become a vocabulary of transient felt states. I allow the brush work and composition to direct where the painting develops and where it breathes’, explains Rich.

Mountains have always been a recurring theme in Rich’s work, highlighting her connection to the land and the power its scale has to humble perspectives of the human experience.
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