Annarie Hildebrand - Winner 2023

Castles in the Air, 2023

10.5 cm
Our homes have become a space filled with daily icons that is of momentary value and then discarded without thought. ‘Castles in the Air’ is grounded on the notion of contemplating the use of waste as an opportunity for creativity. Simple shapes and forms of discarded objects was used as inspiration for my slip cast pieces. I made moulds from objects found in charity shops and recycle centres. These moulds are then cut up and put back together to create new shapes. The resulting pieces are the realisation of an imaginary or improbable idea. I’m never certain what the outcome will be.

Annarie Hildebrand is a Sydney based emerging ceramic artist and graduate of the Advance Diploma in Ceramics programme through NSI. Inspired by architectural forms, and Dutch masters, as well as found objects from recycle centres and charity shops she creates plaster moulds that are cut up and reassembled like building blocks.

Working with slip casting clay gives her the tools to merge ideas and materials and create both sculptural and functional pieces. For her, the making process starts with only a vague idea of a geometric shape, followed by a subconscious process of controlling and letting go. This allows the plaster moulds and slip to make its own marks and create unique pieces.

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