Nicholas Aplin

Cast, 2023

60 × 80 cm
My art practice revolves around capturing junctures in the urban environment, the interplay of man made structures and nature and the effect these have on people. ‘Cast’ can have multiple interpretations. shadow being the overriding theme. Literal shadow and those cast by and upon people. The red traffic light indicates a means of control. Gum trees compete for space in the canvas where no sky is shown, enclosing the scene creating unease in the viewer, This mirrors a broader unease some may feel when they can’t see light or the horizon, whether by choice or external imposition.

Having studied Fine Art and Film Making, Nicholas worked as a prop maker and illustrator most notably for the TV series Survivor. After spending time in such pure natural environments it was always such a contrast returning to heavily built up cities. Nicholas now finds himself an urban wayfarer exploring the avenues and alleyways of Melbourne and Sydney, intrigued by structures and their interplay with the natural surrounds.

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