Zane Edwards

Before The Angel's Sirens, 2021

3 cm
"Before the Angel's Sirens" can be seen as a representation of death, life and the energy in between them. The natural alignment of life comes before a seed sewn in a distance, and with that brings the scythe of renewal behind every decision made. Are we voyeurs to decisions made not by ourselves?
Zane Edwards is a queer and emerging artist working on Gadigal land. They are currently studying a Bachelors of Fine Arts at the National Art School. Edwards works majorly in ceramics and moves across discipline into photographic and sound based work. They explore themes surrounding cultural ethnicity, queer identity, and faith both spiritual and non-spiritual. They have shown ceramic work briefly in galleries around Sydney, such as the National Art School Hoff Space and aMBUSH Gallery. Edwards continually tries to express the nature of living and the human psyche through image based work, text and sound installations.

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