Louise Ernestine Anders

Autumn Apple Joy, 2021

41 × 51 cm
Louise’s current focus is creating still-life paintings that capture the beauty of nature and moments of quiet reflection. Her subjects are driven by her love of the natural world and a desire to slow down and observe nature. For example watching buds bloom, blossoms morph into fruit, leaves pale and fall. Her compositions strive for elegance and simplicity, with a timeless modern vibe, that is interestingly in contrast to her painting technique which was derived from classical training. Her paint handling focuses on creating subtle differences between lights and darks, with areas of transparency in the shadows and thick opacity in the lights. Her colour palette reflects her love of greens, blues, neutrals and the ever classic black.

Louise’s drawings and paintings are all completed from life allowing her to observe, understand and interpret nature and light in all its complexity. She paints like sculpting, not relying on what she sees, but how she understands the form to be turning; pushing and pulling objects into and out of the canvas with changes in value and chroma.

The aim of her painting is to bring enjoyment to the viewer and a moment of calm in this busy world.
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