Kate Barry

Apparition, 2021

120 × 90 cm
My paintings are a physical demonstration of my imagination, memories, conversations and response to natural elements of nature. My lyrical abstraction is driven by instinctive and emotional responses to landscape and the energy of human interconnection. Sources of inspiration are processed with qualities of mystery, sensuousness and nostalgic glimpses of memory in an intuitive, spontaneous application of paint. Works explore feelings of space, manipulation and the chance of built-up layers finding a voice on the canvas. Compositions arise from balancing opposing angles and strokes with the vitality of colour and texture. As defiant marks wander the canvas, layers build and textures emerge and animate the painted surface.
Losing myself in a subtropical environment through my ritualistic running practice, my experiences are transformed and shared with viewers via distinct gestural mark making, and visual language hooks. By immersing the viewer in the rich and fecund terrain of my paintings, a synchronicity between nature and organic movement encourages a connection and almost primitive emotional reaction to my art.
Painting pulls me between reality and the subconscious, as I get lost in the series of painted marks chartering a rough course across the canvas. Visual passages travelled and traces of snatched emotional responses are left upon the surface.
Kate Barry is a Christchurch-born, Brisbane-based painter with a degree in illustration, printing-making and graphic design who has exhibited throughout Queensland and sold privately and by commission, across Australia and New Zealand. With many commissions and exhibitions as well as a multitude of recognitions and awards in her repertoire, including finalist in the Clayton Utz Prizes, The Lethbridge 20,000s and the Lethbridge Landscape Prize, second prize in The Milburn Landscape Prize, and Brisbane Contemporary Art Prize, among others, Kate has recently showcased large scale pieces focussed intently on process. Kate’s paintings have been stocked and sell consistently through The Modern Furniture Stores, James St, Fortitude Valley, Qld 4006 also Milton Rd, Qld 4006 since 2017. ABC television featured 6 of Kate’s paintings in the Internationally aired Crime Drama Harrow, Seasons 1 and 2, 2018 – 2019. Kate’s prolific painting practice emphasises free, spontaneous, and emotional expression with mark-making techniques using a killer colour palette that nods to her background in design. Dynamic compositional drama, teamed with Kate’s ability to tie lyricism and beauty to gestural mark-making, consistently proves the artist’s ability to reflect, articulate, and capture an expression. Immersing herself in the visceral stimulus and raw physicality of paint, Kate’s works are an intuitive disassemblage of the confines of our constant digitally stimulated lives. Painting is an almost primitive, spontaneous response to our natural surroundings and sensory internal dialogue. Works explore traces of nostalgia and the innate emotional re engagement with the energy of nature that is all around us. Through paint on canvas she breaks through the periphery into a raw terrain of bold brushwork and vitality of colour. As we pass by we allow ourselves to be drawn in.

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