Heather Menzies

Afternoon Wine, 2021

61 × 46 cm
Heather is an artist who paints realistic landscapes in oils. She has a career history that includes graphic design, architectural drafting and illustration. These skills bring a unique vision to her art practice. It is through the visual lens of this professional background that Heather perceives the moments in the landscape that she then chooses to paint.

These paintings are glimpses of fleeting moments in the landscape. They can feel familiar, like an old memory or a vista you passed many times. Each composition is a combination of sharp-edged and indistinct details painted slowly, building the image with light and texture until the hard and soft aspects of the landscape bind together in subtle harmony.

From the artist:
I walk my neighbourhood, I walk where ever I am, always looking for the unity of elements where the light, clouds or time of day set a perfect scene. When I find one of these moments, I ‘freeze’ that image in my mind’s eye then pick up my paint brush trying to capture it in oil.
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