Stella Sulak

A woman, 2021

33 cm
We all are a ball of clay. We all are shaped by our past, our environment, we all are bearers of stories… My story is nomadic. Always walking from here to there, from there to further, observing humans life and death, nature life and reborn. I traveled a lot inside and out. I am now, here with a ball of clay… We all are a ball of clay! I am exploring shapes… The shape of emotions, the shape of sadness, the shape of pain, the shape of love, the shape of despair, the shape of craziness, the shape of melancholy, the shape of hope… The human shape of poetry… “A woman” explores melancholy, this meeting point between fragility and strength. The dark stoneware gives her the strength she seems to not have. Her long neck, to fly away and survive all kinds of pollution.
Stella Sulak has been practicing in the Arts industry for over 25 years. She worked in various sectors such as theatre, film, and photography, predominantly in France but also in 4 different countries. After being granted a Distinguished talent visa to stay in Australia, Stella started to share her knowledge and passion with the Australian community through French Theatre in Perth. In 5 years, she produced 8 plays in French with English subtitles. Her work was rewarded by the Bryant Stokes Matilda Award for Cultural Excellence in 2017. Covid slowed her momentum but gave her the opportunity to discover clay sculptures to continue her exploration of human beings from a different perspective. Her journey with clay took off and landed at Artsource for a group exhibition and Cottesloe Beach for 2021 Sculpture by the Sea as a contributor for Labyrinth (In Search for the Meaning). She is now willing to pursue a fresh dream…

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